60 Christmas Cakes by Nilgiri’s

Christmas isn’t Christmas without delicious cakes by Nilgiris. Presents a spread of more than 60 different types of cakes and traditional Christmas sweets Nilgiris, a brand that is synonymous with fresh, delightful dairy & bakery products in Southern India run by Future Consumer Limited celebrates the Christmas season with a wide range of 60 plus traditional Christmas cakes and sweets.

The list features Rich Plum Cake prepared is loaded with dry fruits, nuts, rubbed in to dry spices and macerated for at least 30 days to get a rich, denser and moist texture.

Rich Plum cake is available in 950g, 400g, 500g, 200g & 50g and is priced at Rs.495, Rs.280, Rs.215, Rs.120, Rs.30.

The next in the list features Premium Plum Cake prepared in authentic European style
loaded with 7 types of dry fruits, 5 types of nuts, rubbed in to 5 types of dry spices and
macerated for at least 90 days to get a rich, denser and moist texture. Premium Plum cake is available in 950g & 200g and is priced at Rs.900 & Rs.180.

Nilgiris Rich Plum Cake with Icing is available in 1kg & 500g and is priced at Rs.510 & Rs.180. Offering something crunchy and light are the crisp Rose Cookies prepared in an authentic way and are available in packs of 12 pieces and is priced at Rs.60 Adding an element of color, Marzipans are made with premium almonds and are shaped in attractive fruits. These sweets are available in 100g packs and is priced at Rs.110.

In addition to this, Nilgiris presents delectable gift hampers that include handpicked treats like (Flavored milk, Chocouits, Brownies etc.) Visit any Nilgiris store near you to grab European-styled Cherry cakes, Rich Plum Cake, Rose Cookies, Marzipans, Scottish cake –Dundee, Walnut cake, Cherry cake and much more.

About Nilgiris:
Nilgiris has been synonymous with fresh, delightful dairy & bakery products in the Southern part of India for over 100 years. Born in 1905, the brand draws deeply from its place of origin and namesake – the Nilgiri Mountains. The richness and diversity of the Nilgiri Mountains are reflected in the quality and range of Nilgiris products. Perfected for over 100 years, the exclusive range of over 400 Dairy, bakery and food products is nourishing and wholesome and is crafted with as much love and care to delight every home – just as it was 100 years ago. The customers can now enjoy the brand’s well-loved dairy & bakery products such as Set Curd, Flavoured Milk, Chocolate Coated Biscuits, Breads, Cakes & many more.
FCL is India’s first sourcing-to- supermarket food company by Future Group and is built on the virtue of sharing. Starting from the seeding of food at the farm to consumption from the plate, FCL acts as a catalyst for each of its stakeholders. From sourcing, processing, retailing to final act of consumption – FCL strikes a widespread cord between the lives of the farmer, a factory laborer, a worker on the shop floor and the housewife. Food means sharing in India. It starts at the farms where neighbors, kith and kin join hands in tilling, sowing and harvesting of crops. Women come together to further process and prepare food. Recipes are passed down as heirlooms, shared by friends and neighbors and now on television by celebrity chefs. Under FCL’s spectrum, the company sources best quality commodities from world over, comprises of extensive portfolio of established brands in food and HPC space, builds urban convenience store for key metros and cash-n- carry rural distribution models for other cities across India. (Integrated front end to back end).

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